Artist 2017: Colleen O’Hara

Colleen O’Hara: I create imaginary landscapes inspired by my interaction with real physical space. This body of work originates out of an exploration of material. Paint contains a vast amount of potential and unpredictability. I enjoy working in a space between control and freedom. Responding to material holds the possibility to investigate the physical world.  Brush marks, drips and splatters become a documentation of my existence and engagement in the world. The act of making, doing and experiencing is what gives us information about our surroundings. I am creating an experience of space that situates meaning in a place where it is gradually revealed, but never fully understood. I overlap layers of transparent paint creating spaces full of movement and experience, one that extends beyond the edges of the paper. Large gestural marks incorporate the movement of my body. These large marks compliment areas of intricate detail, spaces where micro and macro perspectives are referenced. Pairing these contrasting marks allows my work to oscillate between the intimate and the immeasurable. 

Colleen O’Hara will display her artwork at Freck-Beal Studios, venue #16.

Colleen O’Hara website