Artist 2017: Drew Harty

Drew Harty on the Invisible Landscape: Photographing the landscape fulfills a deep need of mine, to be an explorer. The subjects I seek are the variable elements of light, water, and flora, and creating each image is an experiment. As I photograph, at one moment a composition can look complete and meaningful and in the next be random and disordered. I try to discover that edge. I try to push the balance between what is known—the shape and size of a leaf—and what is difficult to interpret: the scale and orientation of the space, the interplay of figure and ground, the physical nature of the objects and surfaces. I try to unbalance expectations so that each image challenges the viewer with the question, “How do we find meaning in what we look at?”

Drew Harty will display his photographs at his studio in Treadwell, venue #3.

Drew Harty website